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LBBP Makah Wave 2 FINAL 4/16/14 7:21 AM Interior Sends Additional $1.2 Million in Purchase Offers to Nearly 600 Landowners with Fractional Interests at Makah Reservation
DFWFM Job Listing - April 15, 2014 4/15/14 12:33 PM
2014: Notice for Nisqually Indian Tribe - Title 29 - Nisqually Liquor Ordinance 4/15/14 9:49 AM FR Notice published 4/15/14.
NPM-ACQU-08: Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) 4/15/14 9:22 AM This NPM establishes IA policy for procurement planning, to ensure efficient and timely delivery of requirements. PALT begins when the completed purchase request package (including the PR in FBMS) has been received by the Supervisory Contracting Officer (PALT does not apply when a protest, claim or appeal has been filed). Issued: 4/14/14
NPM-ACQU-07: Ratifications 4/15/14 9:20 AM This NPM establishes IA policy to ensure that employees do not enter into an unauthorized commitment, which occurs when an employee orders services or supplies from a vendor/contractor without a contract. Issued: 4/14/14
NPM-ACQU-06: Required Sources for Acquisition of Supplies and Services 4/15/14 9:19 AM This NPM establishes IA policy for complying with the Buy Indian Act (25 U.S.C.) and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 8 when purchasing supplies, services and covered construction. Issued: 4/14/14
NPM-ACQU-05: Purchase Request Package Requirements 4/15/14 9:16 AM This NPM establishes IA policy for the preparation of a complete Purchase Request Package, required by Contracting Officers to initiate the procurement process. The contracting office cannot initiate procurement actions without all required documentation and a fully approved Program Purchase Request (PR) in FBMS. Issued: 4/14/14
1978Regs_Comments 4/14/14 7:33 PM 1978Regs_Comments.pdf
1977Regs_Comments 4/14/14 7:32 PM 1977Regs_Comments.pdf
DFWFM Job Listing - April 10, 2014 4/10/14 3:19 PM
Testimony of Michael Black, Before the House Subcommittee on Natural Resources, House of Representatives on the Indian Forest Management Assessment Team Report: “Tribal Forest Management: A Model for Promoting Healthy Forests and Rural Jobs” 4/10/14 9:55 AM
DFWFM Job Listing - April 9, 2014 4/9/14 12:27 PM
Lummi Tribe of Lummi Reservation, 2014 Third Amendment to Tribal State Gaming Compact 4/9/14 9:29 AM New compact approval for main page
Indian Child Welfare Act Listen Sessions Power Point Presentation 4/9/14 7:21 AM 2014 ICWA Listening Sessions Power Point Presentation
2014: Notice of Approved Tribal-State Class III Gaming Compact between the Lummi Tribe of the Lummi Reservation and the State of Washington 4/8/14 3:30 PM FR Notice published 4/8/14.
2014: Notice of Tribal Consultation; Extension of Comment Deadline - Contract Support Costs 4/8/14 3:29 PM FR Notice published 4/8/14.
BIA MSP Medical Exams Matrix 4/8/14 1:41 PM
DFWFM Job Listing - April 8, 2014 4/8/14 12:22 PM
2014 BIA/Tribal Medical Standards Program and Drug Testing 4/8/14 11:35 AM
Dec 27, 2009 Interagency Fire Management Plan Template 4/7/14 6:32 PM
Attachment 1 - FMP Template 4/7/14 6:31 PM
April 16 2009 Interagency Wildland Frie Management Plan 4/7/14 6:30 PM
DFWFM Job Listing - April 7, 2014 4/7/14 12:04 PM
Spatial WFMP FAQs 4/7/14 10:47 AM
Spatial_FMU_Definitions 4/7/14 10:47 AM