Indian Affairs | June 2013 Discussion Draft

June 2013 Discussion Draft (25 CFR Part 83)

Discussion Draft - shows draft changes to 25 CFR 83, released June 21, 2013. The Discussion Draft is a preliminary precursor to the rulemaking process and is intended to provide tribes and the public an early opportunity to provide input on potential improvements to the Part 83 process.

The deadline for providing comments on the Discussion Draft is September 25, 2013. Comments should be submitted to or to the mailing address listed in the Federal Register notice (see the link below).

  • Presentation on the Discussion Draft
  • Tribal Leader Letter - announces availability of the Discussion Draft and upcoming Tribal consultation sessions and public meetings
  • Federal Register Notice - announces availability of the Discussion Draft and upcoming Tribal consultation sessions and public meetings
  • Press Release - announces availability of the Discussion Draft and upcoming Tribal consultation sessions and public meetings

Tribal consultation sessions and public meetings on the Discussion Draft:

  • Canyonville, Oregon, July 23, 2013 - Transcript (morning session)
  • Canyonville, Oregon, July 23, 2013 - Transcript (afternoon session)
  • Solvang, California, July 25, 2013 - Transcript
  • Petoskey, Michigan, July 29, 2013 - Transcript
  • Indian Island, Maine, July 31, 2013 - Transcript
  • Marksville, Louisiana, August 6, 2013 - Transcript 
  • Marksville, Louisiana, August 6, 2013 - Transcript (updates made to reflect audio recording)

Comments Received on the Discussion Draft:

Comments from Federally Recognized Tribes (in no specific order)

Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (9-12-13)Cowlitz Indian Tribe 
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe The Tulalip TribesCherokee Nation 
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Puyallup Tribe of Indians Ysleta del Sur Pueblo 
Caddo Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Office Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde 
Tejon Indian Tribe The Suquamish Tribe Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe (9-25-13) 
Jena Band of Choctaw Indians Siletz Tribe/ Dorsay, Craig United Auburn Indian Community 


Comments from Federal officials, States and local governments (in no specific order)

Howard, Frank - Rec'd post 9/25Business Council of Fairfield County, CT (9-27-13) - Rec'd post 9/25Senator Ron Wyden 
Attorney General of ConnecticutCT State Representative Arthur J. O'NeillThe Towns of Connecticut 
Connecticut Towns (Colchester, Cornwall, Ledyard, North Stonington, Preston, Roxbury)State of Connecticut - Governor MalloyCalifornia State Association of Counties 
State of Connecticut - Attorney General Connecticut Congressional DelegationNortheastern Connecticut Council of Governments 
Connecticut Congressional Delegation (Extension Request)U.S. Senate CT Congressional Delegation Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments (9-24-13) 
Business Council of Fairfield County  California Cities for Self-Reliance Joint Powers Authority The Town of Kent, Connecticut 
Alabama Indian Affairs Commission (9-18-13)  


Comments from the public (in no specific order)

Dominguez, ReubenAvoyel Tribe (Avogel Nation) (11-11-13) - Rec'd post 9/25  
 Rozella's Me Wuk Coalition - Rec'd post 9/25 Votta, John 
Tsnungwe Council - Rec'd post 9/25Richardson, Muriel - Rec'd post 9/25 Genthner, Robert 
Sanford, David - Rec'd post 9/25McCarley, Elbert - Rec'd post 9/25Russell, Robert - Rec'd post 9/25
Grant, Wade - Rec'd post 9/25Additional CTNEAL Letters (Note: The letter in this submission was also submitted by multiple other individuals) - Rec'd post 9/25Lynch, Elizabeth - Rec'd post 9/25
Grant, Sharon - Rec'd post 9/25Grant, Scott - Rec'd post 9/25Grant, Robert - Rec'd post 9/25
Clark, Rebecca - Rec'd post 9/25Northern Cherokee Nation - Rec'd post 9/25San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians - Rec'd post 9/25
Ohlone/Costanoan-Esselen Nation (7-25-13)Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama (CTNEAL) (Note: This submission had 1,644 supporters)  
Northern Chumash TribeTimpanogos TribeZell, Patricia 
Muwekma Ohlone Indian TribeWoods, CedricNor Rel Muk Wintu Nation
Miami Nation of Indians of IndianaElliott, Katherine M.Chickahominy Tribe (9-25-13)
ASU Indian Legal ClinicTrojan, RichardThe Norwich Branch of CT of NAACP
Native Hawaiian Chamber of CommerceAssociation of Hawaiian Civic ClubsPointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe
Ohlone/Costanoan-Esselen Nation (9-24-13)Locklear, ArlindaUnited Houma Nation
Gabrieleno Band of Mission IndiansMono Lake Indian CommunityArtichoke Joe's
North Carolina Commission of Indian AffairsStromberg, DougDenton, Chad
Waccamaw Siouan Tribe of North CarolinaAdams, DianaRudolf, Jodene
Brothertown Indian NationDunlap Band of Mono IndiansDaniels, Brian
Willis, F. Michael and Hughes, Jennifer P.Amah Mutsun Tribal Band of Costanoan/Ohlone Indians (9-25-13)Nipmuc Nation (9-17-13, #2)
Stevens, RandallNative American Intertribal AllianceDen Ouden, Amy E.
Collins, ScottArnold, ECChickahominy Tribe
Association on American Indian AffairsKlopotek, Brian National Indian Youth Council 
Hamilton, Violet United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation (Note: The letter in this submission was also submitted by 921 other individuals)Ma-Chis Lower Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama (Note: The letter in this submission was also submitted by 816 other individuals) 
McDaniel, AT (9-20-13)Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Kent School (9-25-13) 
Posey, NicholasPosey, CoriPosey, Jeff
Rushing, Pastine and LesterJohnson, JoshuaPosey, Grant 
McCarley, Eugene and AnnCalhoun, ChristyJohnson, John
Richardson, Willis (9-12-13)Sac River and White River Bands of Chickamauga Cherokee Indian NationWilliams, Ronnie F.
Richardson, Larry Richardson, Gary Silver, Rochie 
Richardson, Willis (8-16-13)Watson, ByrumRichardson, Diana 
Lynch, VelmaPulley, StacieRichardson, Vicky
Lynch, AlonzoLynch, KeenaLynch, Teresa
Evans, EarlEvans, C.Lynch, Amanda
Brayboy, NatalieDavis, TonyEaling, Ruth
Richardson, AlfredVureiette, EllaBrayboy, Barbara
Owens, JenniferWilliams, RonnieWatson, Rosa
Wise, DavidWilliams, MarthaWise, Nancy
Saenz, JulieArzola, RaeleenRichardson, Wanda
Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of MontanaCheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian TribeGomez, Liza
Corntassel, Lance (9-24-13)Moore, RayAmah Mutsun Tribal Band (9-24-13)
Nipmuc Nation (9-17-13, #1)Silliman, StephenHassanamisco Indian Foundation/Hassanamisco Reservation
Nashville-Eldorado Miwok Cultural & Historic Preservation SocietyCRCFA / William RhodesThe Modoc Nation
Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Inc.Kentucky Native American Heritage CommissionMuscogee Nation of Florida
 Roth, George (9-20-13)Coalition of Coastal Fisheries
Waccamaw Indian PeopleCruce, John Hansen, Cecile 
The Lower Muskogee Creek TribeFlores, RonaldCampisi, Jack 
Dugan, MarlisaTwo Eagle, JulieCorntassel, Lance
Nickerson, Wendy DawnRay, EnookHunter, Jimetta
Hutchinson, BobbyGordon, RhesaAntelope Valley Indian Community (Sept. 11, 2013) 
Hutchinson, AudreyParrie, JosephComingore, Nola
Southern Cherokee Indian TribeFoley, JamesFoley, Cynthia
Jackson, AlexusJackson, CassandraMarino, James 
Valcourt, KathyRingo, PaulEbarb, Louis (Sept. 6, 2013)
Finlay, JustinPresley, RobertWilliams, Bruce Allen
Hadley, E.Kent SchoolVancleave Live Oak Choctaw Corporation
Richardson, Lonnie Jr.Richardson, CynthiaHarden, Marilyn
Bailiu, JohnSalazar, GeorgeSchaghticoke Tribal Nation
Quinn, AbraCoyle, CourtneySunray, Cedric 
Klawinski, TracySizemore, PatriciaFuller, Dan
Cisco, AprilGabrieleno Band of Mission IndiansJimenez, Carl Allen
Avoyel Tribe (Avogel Nation) (August 13, 2013)McCune, VeronicaWilson, Timothy
Lopez, MarieRohach, ValerieCentral Band of Cherokee
Lowery, LisaMillan, LisaLopez, Chris
Rosillo, JulissaPearson, LindaLowery, Cynthia
Avoyel-Biloxi-Avoyel-OfoAntelope Valley Indian Community 
Apalachicola Band of Creek Indians (August 22, 2013)Jimenez, CarlAlabama Indian Affairs Commission (8-26-13) 
Eaton, AlApalachicola Band of Creek Indians (August 21, 2013)Ford, Mike
Choctaw-Apache Community of Ebarb, Inc.North American Wind Energy Enterprises (NAWEE)Aragon, John
Durr, IoneWeber, DeloresLeone, Christin
Rivers, JasonGetschel, PatSepulralo, Kyle
McDaniel, AT (August 2013)Miller, JamesRivers, Thomas
Donahue, JohnCasados, DeliaCasados, Richard
Shapard, BudSpooner, John Donahue, Sharon
Tyler, StarlightGregory, HiramSummitut (full name unavailable)
The Affiliated Tribes of New England IndiansHaliwa-Saponi Indian TribePiro-Manso-Tiwa Indian Tribe
Bligh, RickEscobar, LorraineThole, Kathy
Su-Quah-Natch-Ah Band of Mississippi ChoctawTuscarora Nation of North CarolinaChalon Indian Nation 
McDaniel, AT (May 2013)Nashville-Eldorado Miwok Cultural and Historic Preservation SocietyStand Up for California 
McDaniel, AT (July 2013)Spooner, John Sr.Tlaxcalteca Nation and Affiliated Tribes 
Banda, NathanChowchilla Tribe; Manlove, Robert F.Nanticoke-Lenape Tribes 
Apalachicola Band of Creek Indians (July 2013)Zguzenski, Pete Sr.Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation 
Avoyel Tribe (Avogel Nation) (August 6, 2013)Cox, Robert L.  Alliance of Colonial Era Tribes 
Rhoan, ErickPate, Larry Sellers, Bertreia D.  
Perris, GaryEastern Pequot Nation Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware 
Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen BandNorwood, Reverend John Avoyel-Taensa Tribe of Louisiana 
Bozeman, CynthiaHolder, TerrieChickahominy Indians, Eastern Division
Arnold, CaseyRichardson, John B.Salles, Connie E.; Salles, C.L.; Salles, Connie E. Goerner; Goerner, Peyton S.; Goener, Dustin K.; Taylor, Taryn A. Goerner; Taylor, Kinleigh G.; Taylor, William R. III; Taylor, Audrey K.
Klawinski, TracyRoth, GeorgeRadcliff, Devon S.
Ebarb, Marvin R.; Ebarb, Bernice M.; Mothershed, Lisa G. Ebarb; Mothershed, Dillon S.; Mothershed, Kailey; Britt, TerrySepulvado, KarenYarbrough, Janet
Davenport, NicholasSalinan T'rowt'raahlParrie, Thomas
Niemeijer, MarshaSunray, CedricCherokee Indians of Red Banks, Robeson, & Adjoining Counties
Costanoan Rumsen Carmel TribeMaidu Band of Strawberry Valley RancheriaSalles, Richard
Chickamunga Band of IndiansAdai Caddo Indian Nation Aragon, Ashley 
Aragon, JacobMilligan, Stacie  Milligan, Travis 
Hollingsworth, KendraPitrucha, KatherinePitrucha, David
Ebarb, MauriceGoerner, CarolLoray-Major, Cheri
Perkowski, BettyCoharie Intra-Tribal Council, Inc.Quinn, Mary
Paree, Arnold Sr.Paree, VeronicaVirginia Indian Tribal Alliance
Parrie, MarcleLucas, CarmenCarrigan, Jim
Hou 1778 HawaiiansAspinwall, CharlieUpper Mattaponi Tribe
Bingham, WilliamRheenen, Mary vanLara, Andrew
New Jersey Sand Hill Band of Lenape and Cherokee IndiansSanchez, NancyR.E. (name is unreadable)
Cox, Linda MarieDepeda, JoanneHolbrook, Vickie
Caldwell, RobertCasados, GabrielCasados, Juan
Casados, JohnnyAragon, FrancesAragon, Dan
Aragon, FreddieEaton, SusieSias, Irene


Other Submissions (in no specific order)

Submission - Burning Phoenix  
Submission - Advisory Council on California Indian Policy: Final Reports and Recommendations to the Congress of the United State, Executive Summary, September 1997Submission - OFA Submission RE: Tunica-Biloxi Indian TribeSubmission - Tolowa Nation Newsletter