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Human Services

Mission Statement
To promote the safety, financial security and social health of Indian communities and individual Indian people.

The Human Services Program provides support to Alaska Tribes and individuals for the following: 

  • Supports the Department’s Strategic Goal to Advance Quality Communities for Alaska Natives and Alaskan tribes by improving welfare systems.

  • Human Services provides some direct funding and oversees activities related to social services, welfare assistance and Indian child welfare. The objective is to improve the quality of life for individuals that are part of the tribe as well as to protect the children, elderly and disabled from abuse and neglect.

  • Human Services supports child abuse and neglect services. assists with providing protective services to minors, adults in need of assistance, adults under legal disability, and adults found to be non compos mentis.

In Alaska, the Social Services program also provides support to tribal staff that have been hired by contracting tribes to run their programs. These staff provide counseling services and coordinate Human Services activities at the Tribe level. The social workers work with tribal courts, state courts, and Indian families for the placement and adoption of Indian children in Indian homes. The social workers serve as the contact point for numerous social service agencies that are responsible for child protection, placement, and adoption of Native children.

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