Indian Affairs | Lower Brule

Lower Brule Agency

8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. CST

James Two Bulls, Superintendent

Lower Brule Tribal and Agency Building

Mailing Address:
Bureau of Indian Affairs
190 Oyate Circle
Lower Brule, South Dakota 57548

Physical Address:
Bureau of Indian Affairs
190 Oyate Circle
Lower Brule, South Dakota 57548

Telephone: (605) 473-5512
Telefax: (605) 473-5491

Tribe Served:
Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
Michael Jandreau, Chairman
187 Oyate Circle
Lower Brule, South Dakota 57548

Lower Brule Sioux Tribal and Agency Building

Telephone: (605) 473-5561
Telefax: (605) 473-5606

Trust Land Base: 156,917 acres

Estimated Tribal Enrollment: 3,410 members

The Lower Brule Agency is located at Lower Brule, South Dakota, and services the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe and Reservation. The reservation covers 404 square miles in Lyman and Stanley counties in central South Dakota, bounded on the northeast and east by the Missouri River, which was closed by the Big Bend Dam in 1963. On the east and north side of the reservoir, Lake Sharpe, is the Crow Creek Reservation. The Lower Brule Reservation population is 1,664 and tribal membership is 3,410. The Agency headquarters is located in the Lower Brule Tribal Administration building, newly constructed in 2001, staffed with 15 permanent employees. The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe is the largest employer on the reservation, operating many BIA and IHS programs, the Golden Buffalo Casino & Motel, Tribal Farm, propane plant, popcorn processing plant, a construction company, and hunting enterprise.

    • Trust Acres
      • Tribally owned           140,463.47 acres
      • Individually owned      16,454.00 acres
        Total trust              156,917.47 acres
    • Fee/Deeded Acres (taxable)
      • Tribally owned                                7,860.63 acres
      • Individually owned                            880.00 acres
      • Non-Indian owned (approx.)     61,003.00 acres
        Total fee                                   69,743.63 acres 
    • Tribally owned in Fee status (taxable)    25,790.43 acres
    • Tribally owned in Trust status                    3,524.34 acres
      Total Off reservation                           29,314.77 acres
  • LowerBruleAgency_SmokeyTheBear_320x240.jpg
    Lower Brule Smokey Bear

  • 100 Farm/Pasture leases - 88,253.37 acres – 4 non-Indian F/P leases
  • 8,000 acres under 56 center pivot irrigation systems operated by Lower Brule Tribal Farms
  • 25 Range Unit Operators - 84,402.77 acres - All Indian operators
  • An Integrated Resource Management Plan (IRMP) is in the planning stages and will provide future guidance to the Tribal Council.