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Pacific Region Overview

The Pacific Regional Office is under the direction of the Regional Director who is responsible to the Director, (BIA), for all non-education related Bureau programs, functions, and activities assigned to the Region.  The Regional Director represents the Bureau in dealings with other governmental entities and serves as the representative of the Director, (BIA), with responsibility to work toward strengthening intergovernmental assistance to the 104 Federally recognized Tribes in the Region’s service area and improving interagency and intergovernmental cooperation and coordination within the Region.  The Office of the Regional Director provides program direction and supervision to four agencies responsible for formulation and promulgating Region applications of national policies; for monitoring and evaluating operating programs and offices to ensure program effectiveness, efficiency, and conformance with established policies; and for obtaining adequate technical advice and assistance to support field operations. 

The Region is made up of four agency offices that provide services at the local level: Northern California, Central California, and Southern California, and Palm Springs.  Approximately 200 employees within the Pacific Region provide services to the 104 federally recognized tribes.


 DRAFT  Pacific Region Strategic Plan 2014-2018

Santa Ynez Camp 4 Amended/Revised Fee-To-Trust Application

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