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56 IAM 1: Authority and Responsibilities (Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation) 2/16/17 1:29 PM This policy has been updated to replace the 1999 version (corrected the footer which had the wrong release date for the prior version). 1999 version was under IDC-000453. It provides the authorities for a Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Program and the BIA's responsibilities in administering the Program.
Indian_Entities_2017-01-17 2/8/17 10:02 AM
YFIP Questions and Answers 2/7/17 3:26 PM
Statement of Acting Assistant Secretary Michael S. Black on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and BIA Law Enforcement Assistance 2/6/17 1:24 PM WASHINGTON - Statement of Acting Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs Michael S. Black on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and BIA law enforcement assistance.
FY 2015 Greenbook 01 Green 1/31/17 10:42 AM
FY 2014 Greenbook 01 Green 1/25/17 12:03 PM
How To Share a Facebook Post 1/24/17 1:38 PM
Webinar Particapant Instructions 1/24/17 1:38 PM
2017 Save the Date Flyer 1/24/17 1:37 PM
Emergency Firefighters - Casual Payment Center Webinars 1/24/17 1:33 PM
70 IAM 5: Supervised Individual Indian Money (IIM) Accounts 1/24/17 7:40 AM Updated again in 2016; signed 1/23/17 by the new DBIA. Updated in 2015 and signed 1/13/16 to reflect some changes. This chapter establishes Indian Affairs (IA) policy and procedures for the Office of Indian Services (OIS), Division of Human Services’ (DHS) management of supervised individual Indian Money (IIM) accounts. Issued 5/12/14.
Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi, Dec 12, 2016, Federal Register Notice, Nov 28, 2016 Approval Letter, Second Amendment- Tribal State Gaming Compact OIG Compacts 1/10/17 9:17 AM
ArcGIS Colector App and Story Map Journals Making Points in the BAER Community 1/9/17 3:48 PM
Attachment 1_Reporting & Submissions_Deadline 1/9/17 2:48 PM
Jan_2017 FTA Forestry Newsletter 1/9/17 11:54 AM
Adoption of Red Book and Due Dates for Reporting & Submissions 1/9/17 10:39 AM
Offering Casuals federal Employee Health Benefits 1/3/17 8:13 AM
27 IAM 7: Temporary Duty Travel (TDY) 12/21/16 8:39 AM Corrected some information in the Responsibilities section for RDs - 12/2016. Updated the Responsibilities section to further clarify the R&R of the ASIA Offices/supervisors. Updated/reissued: 9/7/16. This chapter provides policy, authorities, and responsibilities for Temporary Duty Travel (TDY) management within Indian Affairs (IA). Issued: 7/5/16
Indian Country Mourns with Keweena Bay Indian Community 12/20/16 7:42 PM
Poverty Island Story 12/20/16 5:27 PM
Student Intern Program 2016 12/20/16 5:26 PM
Three New Wildfire Handcrews Added to BIAs Workforce 12/20/16 5:23 PM
Tribal Annual Performance Report - Housing Improvement Program 12/20/16 9:27 AM Form is used as part of the OIS' HIP. It is in Excel. Referenced in the HIP IAM, 70 IAM 7 also. Les Jensen is the form POC. This version is for FY 2017.
Attachment IV Mitigation Monitoring & Enforcement Plan 12/19/16 12:21 PM
Attachment II Legal Description 12/19/16 11:56 AM