Indian Affairs | Division of Safety and Risk Mgmt

Division of Safety and Risk Management (DSRM)

The Division of Safety and Risk Management provides professional and technical leadership and assistance in the management of the Indian Affairs (IA) Safety and Occupational Health Program (SOHP).  The IA SOHP is comprised of five components: Occupational Safety and Health; Loss Compensation; Employee Injury Compensation; Motor Vehicle Safety; and Technical Assistance.

The Division is responsible for developing, modifying, reviewing, and evaluating the internal IA policies, procedures, guidelines, and systems required to implement the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, General Services Administration and the Department of the Interior regulations, [policies and practices governing all areas associated with its assigned functions.  The Division conducts evaluations of the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Regional Safety and Risk Management Programs.

The Division is responsible for providing technical support to the IA safety program by collecting statistics, analyzing information, preparing reports, and maintaining a management information system.  The Division develops safety program policies, procedures, and guidelines to be published in the IA Manual and maintains information on the directives of the Department and other Federal Agencies applicable to the programs operated within IA.  The Division is also responsible for the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.  The Certificate of Occupancy permits the building owner to occupy the building(s) for its intended purposes.

Although the regional safety managers report directly to their respective regional director, the Division provides oversight and technical assistance to enhance regional safety programs.  Regional programs provide services to both the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Bureau of Indian Education.

The division is responsible for providing guidance and technical assistance to programs to ensure compliance with the following activities/functions:

  • Federal Occupational Safety and Health
  • Building and Safety Code Compliance  
  • Final Inspection and Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
  • Accommodations for People with Disabilities
  • Indian Affairs’ Fire Marshal
  • Employee Loss and Injury Compensation and Return to Work
  • Motor Vehicle and Water Craft Operator Safety
  • Student Safety and Youth Conservation
  • Contractor Safety and Health and Safety Standards for Gamma Ray Sources
  • DOI - Safety Management Information System (SMIS)
  • IA - Facilities Management System (IA-FMIS ) Safety Module (S&CAP)


Branch of Safety and Health Compliance Program: The Branch is responsible for enforcement of adopted safety and health codes and standards for IA controlled facilities and equipment. The Branch maintains a records system of all inspection and evaluations with responsibility for providing information to IA management and Department officials on the safety and health conditions at IA work places. The Branch develops guidelines on abatement or elimination of existing hazards and provides assistance in achieving of hazardous conditions. The Branch provides guidance and assistance in engineering where necessary to achieve safe and healthful working conditions.  The Branch also reviews architectural and engineering drawings, contracts for construction and major rehabilitation or repair of facilities, and existing facilities for compliance with standards and has responsibility for recommending the condemnation, closing, or modification of buildings and equipment which are considered hazardous. The Branch conducts final inspections for new construction and major renovation projects.